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General Meeting

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Free
  • Wingham

Service Description

Meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month, excepting January

Cancellation Policy

Code of Conduct All members, staff, and volunteers are to abide by the following Code of Conduct: ● All members, workers, and clients to always be respected. ● Aggression with intent will not be tolerated. No ongoing aggressive behaviour towards anyone. ● A request for unacceptable behaviour to stop will be given. If this behaviour does not cease, person may be asked to leave and if member Mid Coast Outreach Inc. their membership may be suspended or terminated. ● All must be realistic. We are here for the help of community, not for our own benefit. ● Theft will not be tolerated at any time. Depending on the severity police maybe involved. ● All matters to be dealt with strict confidentiality. ● All business and meetings of Mid Coast Outreach Inc. are not to be discussed outside without permission to discuss. ● Clients are not to be discussed with any other person unless we have their permission. ● If a member, worker, or client has issue, it should be brought up to committee first if still unsatisfied, in writing, to discuss. ● Do not undermine the integrity of Mid Coast Outreach Inc. ● No social media to be used to air grievances. ● Do not use Mid Coast Outreach Inc. in any media form without committee permission. ● Please be respectful with timing of emails, phone calls etc. All corresponding with Mid Coast Outreach Inc. to be carried out in business hours. Do not encroach on personal time unless in case of emergency. ● Conflict of interest that damages the Organisation in any way will be seen as a breach of this Code. ● All conflicts of Interest shall be declared. ● Intellectual property of Mid Coast Outreach Inc. is not to be shared unless written permission is given ● We are here for the community. ● Do not involve or investigate anything that is not your concern. ● All items received must be placed on show first. ● No one is to ring up or price their own goods. ● No goods are to be placed or held anywhere to purchase later for anyone. Mid Coast Outreach Incorporated ABN: 61 954 915 428 A: Shop 2-3 / Lot 20 Wynter Street, Wingham NSW 2429 P: 02 6553 4497 M: 0400 372 767 W: E:

Contact Details

  • lot 20/2 Wynter Street, Wingham NSW, Australia

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