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Student Technology Vouchers (eGift cards)

...are being allocated to support the purchase of technology required for school such as...

|  Calculators  |  Laptops  |  Headphones  |

Logo Harvey Norman

You can choose only one retailer listed above.


All vouchers (eGift cards) can be redeemed on-line or in-store.

Thank You

Logo FRRR (Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal)

Vouchers (eGift cards) can be redeemed at: 

  • Harvey Norman

  • Officeworks

  • BigW

Logo Officeworks

for your support!

1. Complete all fields
& questions in the form.

2. You MUST read the Media Release Consent Form and answer YES if you want photos to be used.
3. You MUST press the 
SUBMIT button at the bottom so we receive your application.
We will get back to you via Email once your application has
been assessed.


Student Technology
Home Schooled

A new application needs to be completed for each student.

Ability to participate in a quick survey regarding how the voucher(s) have made an impact on the student(s) education?
Optional: Willing to provide a photo of student(s) with item(s) you have purchased? If YES, you need to Read the Media Release Consent Form (see below) and acknowledge it has been read.
I have read the Media Release Consent Form.
Interested in receiving surveys from Mid Coast Outreach in future? (Optional)
Preference for Voucher Type? (depends on Availabilty)

Thanks! We will be in touch by email once your application has been assessed.

Good Luck!

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